Aeromodel engine X85 Light version

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Art.Nr. XI-X85L

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Aeromodel engine X85 Light version


In the early 2000s, Wren Turbines launched the famous Wren44, the smallest engine available at the time. The diameter of the engine was only 76mm and in its earliest form, the MW44 developed 30N of thrust, later variants increasing to 50N. Its size quickly defined the standard in small engine class, and several manufacturers developed engines of similar size, increasing the power in every new model, currently within the market, this diameter engine covers a range of thrusts, 45N, 50N, 55N, and 70N.

The X85, as all Xicoy engines, push the limit well beyond our competitors, raising the power to 85N, almost 3 times the power of the original MW44 and with the added benefit of lower overall weight. 
Thanks to the FlexThrust technology, the X85 can be used in all aeromodels designed for the MW44 and similar engines of 45N to much bigger models needing up to 85N, greatly improving the choices when looking for your next plane!
As with all Xicoy Engines our purpose designed X85 electronics offers an industry leading simple, lightweight installation. One of The biggest hurdles in Turbine Design is Specific Fuel Consumption (SPFC), the X85 has the lowest TSFC.
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